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Thank You, Skylight: “This Gift Has Been a Game-changer for Mom”

Are you having a hard time needing to stay away from mom during this time of isolation? It can be really tough to be apart, knowing that all mom wants to do is feel connected with her family. Give her the gift that hundreds of people are calling a “lifesaver” during this time of social distancing.  

It's called Skylight Frame

Skylight Frame is a touch-screen photo frame that the whole family can send photos to. It’s super easy to use – you just email a photo to the frame and it appears in seconds! 

Skylight Frame is great for connecting friends, family, and loved ones from all over the world in just seconds. Whenever mom feels lonely, make her day by sending her a picture of the grandkids – she’ll feel like they’re right there with her! 

Thousands of families are loving it:

“Cannot recommend Skylight Frame enough during this time of social distancing! We sent one to both our moms and it brings them so much joy every day to look at the photos we send them.”

Skylight Frame is the gift that will always make Mom smile, and now is the perfect time to share it. With social distancing making it really challenging to have a normal Mother’s Day, Skylight Frame solves two things: finding a perfect, meaningful gift and staying connected to make mom’s holiday one she’ll never forget. With all the precious memories at the touch of a finger, she’ll forget the family is even apart!