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Calendar displaying schedule view

I’ve tried everything. A wall planner, a whiteboard, even a bullet journal—and nothing worked. I’d spend hours writing down and color-coding what the family was up to each week, only to find out that everyone was still surprised when Liam had a dentist appointment or Grace had piano lessons. That’s when I started to look for other options. I needed something that the kids would actually look at, would stay up-to-date, and would make my life easier.

That’s how I found Skylight Calendar.

This touch-screen device displays all of your family’s events in one place. It's that simple—the whole family’s schedule on one display for everyone to see. It did wonders for our family! It syncs with all major calendars—Google, Apple, Cozi, Outlook, Yahoo—and you can even color code by person. From soccer practices to online classes to important meetings, it’s all easily viewable for the whole family on the Skylight Cal. Now when my kids ask me, “Mom, when’s my next class?” I just say those 5 magic words: “Just check the Skylight Calendar.”

Mom posing with digital calendar

These days, I’m no longer spending hours consolidating work, school, and personal calendars into one. The Skylight Cal does it for me. And here’s the real kicker: Skylight Calendar also has a mobile app, so I can add events whenever and wherever I go! For the first time in a long time, I feel like my whole family is finally on the same page. 

I can’t recommend this gadget enough. It’s the only thing my family has consistently checked, used, and understood. I don’t want to say it’s changed my life… but in the last week my kids did all of their chores, my husband picked up the dry cleaning, and no one missed a single thing. So, do yourself a favor and check out Skylight Calendar at the link below, and get ready to start saying those 5 magic words: Just Check The Skylight Calendar.