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Skylight Calendar displaying back to school and family events schedule

This smart family organizer syncs all of your family's events into one simple, touch-screen display. No more writing, rewriting and rearranging the whiteboard calendar. Skylight Calendar does it all for you.

Google, Apple, Yahoo, Cozi, and Outlook calendar widgets

Step One:

Sync all the existing calendars you want to display, including the kids’ new school calendars.

PRO TIP: If your kids are in sports or participate in other extra-curricular activities, you can also sync and display those calendars! 

Step Two:

Customize the color coding of events for each individual family member, event type, or however you'd like.

By the way: Skylight automatically transfers color-coding from your Google Calendar to your Skylight Calendar, so there is no need to rethink your current system!

mom at the computer holding the baby next to dad reading with daughter
Girl sitting at table thinking about multiple calendars

Step Three:

Choose how you'd like to display your events by selecting the day, week, month, or schedule view.

  • Schedule View: Visualize overlapping schedules and track in real-time who needs to be where and when. Customize the number of days you'd like to see displayed in settings.
  • Day View: Perfect for when you need to cut out distractions and focus on just one day.
  • Weekly View: A quick view of all your events for the week. 
  • Monthly View: A comprehensive snapshot of what's happening for the whole month.  

Toggle between views at any time!

Step Four:

Choose a central area in your home to place it down, or mount it on the wall for the whole family to see.

Calendar on table displaying events